Living and working in Brussels, Belgium, Pierre de Mûelenaere is a printmaker artist specializing in woodcut printmaking.

As a musician, member of Orphan Swords (with Yannick Franck) and Maze & Lindholm (With Cyrille de Haes), he has released on numerous record labels including Bedouin Records (GR/JP), Aurora Borealis (UK), Desire Records (FR), Clan Destine (UK), Hedonic Reversal (ES), Noiztank (AT) and more.

Alongside his artistic practice, Pierre de Mûelenaere has been running ONLIT Editions since 2012, today a multi-awarded publishing house for french-speaking literature in Belgium.

Between 2010 and 2020, at the instigation of Gerd Van Looy, he created and developed with Marc Jacobs the (RIP) Bozar Electronic concept for the Center for Fine Arts in Brussels (BOZAR). The program, dedicated to electronic & experimental music and digital arts, has given life to five editions of the Bozar Electronic Arts Festival (BEAF), the Bozar Electronic Series, dozens of Bozar Nights and special events.

In 2020, with Cyrille de Haes, he launched TOTALISM art platform.

Pierre de Mûelenaere
Avenue Charles Woeste 75/12
1090 Brussels