Where The Wolf Has Been Seen

Maze & Lindholm Music

Aurora Borealis proudly presents the debut album from Maze & Lindholm, ‘Where The Wolf Has Been Seen’ on November 16th, 2018. Combining the talents of P.Maze, one half of noise/techno duo Orphan Swords, with fellow Brussels-based producer and musician Otto Lindholm, ‘Where The Wolf Has Been Seen’ is a meditative and claustrophobic work for electronics and double bass. The four parts evolve and spread outwards, throbbing bass drones colliding with slowly bowed arcs of keening strings that make for a deeply immersive listening experience. ‘Where The Wolf Has Been Seen’ explores the boundaries of the modern classical and electronic disciplines, with slowly shifting and expanding compositions that thrive on the tension between. For best results we recommend total immersion: high volume & darkness.

« Combining the power electronics of P.Maze and the contrabass of Otto Lindholm, this record is packed with surprising juxtapositions of tone. These textures are punctuated by four separate movements, presenting a narrative arc that bends and creaks like the branches of a tree. » Stray Landings

Artwork: Solal Israel
Master: James Plotkin
Cut for vinyl at The Carvery, East London
Mix: Daniel Bleikolm
Format: LP
Label: Aurora Borealis
Year: 2018